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BrainStorm Sandusky 2024 Presentation: Using SysCloud to Backup (and Red Flag Concerns!) in Google Workspace

I'm excited to present a session at the May 2024 BrainStorm Conference in Sandusky Ohio!  Details below:

May 6, 2024
1:15 PM-2:15 PM

Using SysCloud to Backup (and Red Flag Concerns) in your Google Workspace School Domain
Has Google Workspace and Chromebooks evolved into a mission-critical aspect of your school program? Hear the story behind why the Oakfield-Alabama K-12 School District rolled out SysCloud to offer peace of mind cloud-based backups and a fantastic compliance monitoring dashboard with customized email alerts to keep busy IT folks and school administration abreast of concerns.  Even with other tools like GoGuardian in place, it’s essential that we can tailor our “red flag” alerts for violations, corrupted file attachments, unauthorized sharing of PII, and a whole host of turnkey policies that you can implement and customize. Learn why SysCloud is now considered “the Cadillac” when it comes to creation of such monitoring policies as compared to only using the Google Admin Console, which even Google admits isn’t natively designed for K-12 clients.  We will discuss how we leverage co-existing platforms such as GoGuardian alongside SysCloud, and why keeping both has been an effective way for us to monitor and backup data in our Google Workspace cloud. Numerous stories will be shared such as when SysCloud saved the day when a teacher left the District and deleted all content from an important shared drive. Sleep better at night knowing that user mistakes and intentional acts are solvable thanks to the SysCloud suite!

View my slides from the presentation HERE.