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NYSCATE 2023 Presentations by Rob Zdrojewski

I'm excited to present two sessions at the November 2023 NYSCATE Conference this year!  Details below:

No More Waiting for Account Creations: Digital on Day One with ClassLink
Sunday November 19, 2023, 8:45am

We’ve rolled out several software applications for our 1:1 Chromebook initiative that we believe are critical in order to become “Digital on Day One".  Our most important platform is ClassLink.  ClassLink is our single sign-on application.  With one login, students, teachers, and staff have one-click access into their web applications.  We put links to all of our digital textbooks, online assessments, and other instructional web applications into our ClassLink Launchpad.  We are able to assign apps to specific users, grade levels or groups.  Students, teachers, and staff may also add links to their own web apps.  We also use OneRoster, an open source IMS Global standard, to roster many of our textbooks and applications.  With OneRoster we send one set of files to our vendors and textbook publishing companies daily.  These companies then use these files to generate the rosters and login credentials our students and teachers need.  Teachers no longer waste valuable time manually maintaining class rosters for these applications.  Because of ClassLink, our teachers and students are not wasting time finding URLs to web apps, nor are they struggling to remember their logins and passwords to different sites.  They have one login, with one-click access to content.

Slides available here:

See my previous recorded presentation from NYSCATE 2022 at:

Using ParentSquare to UNIFY Your Communications
Monday November 20, 2023, 12:15pm

Picture this: It's 2020...and suddenly keeping parents in the loop has never been more important! Learn how our school district solved the dilemma of UNIFYING all our classroom, school-level, athletics and district communications down to just ONE source: ParentSquare! In this age of plentiful choices we need to ensure we are not overloading parents with too many places to keep track of everything. Join us as we discuss the top ParentSquare features we love and leverage on a daily basis, presented in a "David Letterman" countdown style. Best of all, ParentSquare syncs with your SIS, eliminating the need for opt-in codes, links, and nagging parents to join.

View presentation slides HERE

More information on using ParentSquare "Virtual Phone" HERE.