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BrainStorm Poconos 2023 Presentation by Rob Zdrojewski

I'm excited to present a session at the November 2023 BrainStorm Conference this year!  Details below:

November 13, 2023
1:15 PM-2:15 PM

Using ParentSquare to UNIFY Your Communications
Picture this: It's 2020...and suddenly keeping parents in the loop has never been more important! Learn how our school district solved the dilemma of UNIFYING all our classroom, school-level, athletics and district communications down to just ONE source: ParentSquare! In this age of plentiful choices we need to ensure we are not overloading parents with too many places to keep track of everything. Join us as we discuss the top ParentSquare features we love and leverage on a daily basis, presented in a "David Letterman" countdown style. Best of all, ParentSquare syncs with your SIS, eliminating the need for opt-in codes, links, and nagging parents to join.

View presentation slides HERE

More information on using ParentSquare "Virtual Phone" HERE.