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GV BOCES 2021 Summer Leadership Conference


I'm pleased to be presenting and attending at the annual GV BOCES Summer Leadership Institute for School District Administrators.  

Location:  Holiday Valley Conference Center, Ellicottville NY

Date:  Wednesday, August 4th 2021 at 2:30-3:45pm Fairway Room

Title:  DIY LiveStream & Record Your School Events with SlingStudio

Learn how the Oakfield-Alabama School District has created an affordable and portable one-person solution for recording and/or livestreaming school events. Our portfolio of events produced thus far include monthly school Board Meetings, musicals, assemblies, sporting events, parent forums and graduation ceremonies which can be viewed on our YouTube channel at
    No longer do you need to spend thousands or learn complicated setups! The core of our hardware involves a SlingStudio hotspot and multiple iOS devices used as cameras. Budget options do exist from low to high end gear, so it's possible to smart small and upgrade over time. Over the years we’ve grown our collection which now includes external mics, an audio mixer, and most recently $40 wireless robotic camera mounts found on Amazon! 
     Join us as we explore the many choices you have to build your livestreaming and recording solution for your school or personal video-production needs.