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Webinar: Flip Your Classroom Using ScreenFlow for Mac


Live Webinar Date:
Tues., Aug. 11, 2015
Presented by Rob Zdrojewski, 
Dir. of Instructional Technology,Oakfield-Alabama Central School District 

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“Screencasting has been a successful way for me to reach my students and deepen my relationships and interactions with them during class.”- Rob Zdrojewski
Nationally recognized Flipped Learning instructor and veteran teacher, Rob Zdrojewski, will lead a live webinar showing how easy it is to flip your class and improve the way you teach your students.
In a Flipped Learning Environment, students learn instructional content from teacher-produced videos, allowing teachers to maximize class time for projects, homework and individualized instruction.
Who Should Attend:
Every teacher and administrator interested in creating a flipped learning environment.
What You Will Learn:
  • What is Flipped Learning?
  • How to easily get started flipping your classroom
  • How to use ScreenFlow to create simple videos for flipped learning
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