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NETT 2015 Technology Conference: Enhancing Learning Through Technology

Join me on Tuesday, August 18th 2015 for the annual summer Technology Conference held at Niagara County Community College (NCCC) sponsored by the Orleans Niagara Teacher Center and NCCC Teacher Academy.  See more details here.

Conference Information:
Educators are continually looking for new tools and strategies to engage their students and enhance their learning. In today’s classroom environment, technology is the key to reaching this success!  This year’s N.E.T.T. conference will focus on using technology to help students achieve fluency with the Common Core Standards and increase their learning and engagement.

The conference will be held at NCCC and include: keynotes from local educators; numerous 60 minute hands-on and 25 minute awareness sessions; lunch and prize giveaways. This conference is geared towards PK-16 educators; pre-service teachers; and college students focused on careers in education.
See full details and registration info.

Rob's Workshops:

Session 2: 10:30-11:30
Intro to iOS Digital Storytelling: Mobile News Reporting Using Videolicious
Rob Zdrojewski, Canisius College and Oakfield-Alabama CSD
Digital storytelling at it’s finest! Learn how to create simple “newscaster style” videos using the free Videolicious app available on all iOS devices. Create videos in 3 easy steps: choose media, tell your story, and choose your music. Videolicious then does the editing for you! Perfect for any curricular area where integrating student-produced video is desired. Learn more at
Audience: Teachers, Administrators, and PD

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Session 3: 12:40-1:40
iPad Screencasting: The Essential Piece to Flipping Your Classroom!
Rob Zdrojewski, Canisius College and Oakfield-Alabama CSD
Screencasts have the power to personalize the online environment when students actually see and hear their instructors asynchronously. Learn how to use both basic and advanced level iOS screencasting apps such as Explain Everything, Educreations and more to create basic screencast videos on your iPad. Specific examples and demonstrations will be provided from a “flipped” middle school teacher and adjunct professor who rarely delivers lectures standing in front of students, and instead circulates among them while they take ownership of their learning.
Audience: Teachers, Administrators, and PD.

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Session 4: 1:50-2:50
Using Socrative and Kahoot to Engage/Gamify/Quiz Your Students!
Rob Zdrojewski, Canisius College and Oakfield-Alabama CSD
Game-based student response systems (a.k.a. “clickers”) are increasingly becoming a popular technology tool to engage students in classroom activities.  However their high cost and steep learning curve prevent many classrooms from utilizing this exciting technology.  Learn how online tools like Socrative and Kahoot aim to change all of this!  Socrative and Kahoot are free web-based student response systems that run on ANY device with a web browser.  See how you can use tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks or laptops as “clickers” instead of investing in the more traditional one-purpose only hardware devices on the market.  Please BYOD (bring your own device) and join us for some fun demonstrations of Socrative and Kahoot!
Audience: Teachers, Administrators, and PD

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