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ISTE 2015 Recorded Workshop: Enable Your Flipped Classroom Using Edmodo by Rob Zdrojewski

Enable Your Flipped Classroom Using Edmodo! (WH234)

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Date: Monday, June 29th 2015  4:30pm - 7:30pm EDT
Location: Marriott Franklin 4
Format:  3 Hour Ticketed Workshop (pre-registration required)
Focus:  Digital Age Teaching and Learning--Distance, Online and Blended Learning
Description:  Are you wondering how can social networking benefit your classroom and still be safe?  Learn why Amherst Middle Technology TeacherCanisius College Adjunct Professor and Edmodo Certified Trainer Rob Zdrojewski has abandoned his boring teacher website in favor of using Edmodo as a free “digital learning platform” to engage students and parents.  In addition to numerous K-12 examples, Rob will also feature his use of Edmodo at the Graduate School level, as an Adjunct Online instructor in the Canisius College Education Technologies Program.

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