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Campus Technology 2015 Recorded Workshop: iPad Video Production- Flipping, Green-Screening, and Screencasting

iPad Video Production: Flipping, Green-Screening, and Screencasting (M09)

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3-Hour Ticketed Workshop
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age
Monday, July 27, 2015   1:00pm - 4:00pm

Session Description:   This workshop will incorporate iOS apps used to create digital video projects.  We will explore both general purpose and specific niche apps such asVideoliciousiMovie and Green Screen while also demonstrating optional accessories such as pop-up green screensexternal microphonestablet standsrobotic camera mounts and more.  Thanks to the Green Screen Do Ink iPad app, anyone can now shoot broadcast quality green-screen footage!  Also learn how to use the leading iOS screencasting apps to create basic screencast videos.  Join us to see how simple and fun video production on an iPad can be!

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