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How to Create a Digital YOU! Teacher-On-Demand is Now Possible!

On Monday, March 23 2015 I presented workshops at the annual Technology Learning Day at the Amherst Central School District.  View the recording below!

Can't see the embedded video above?  View on YouTube.

Workshop Description:  
Teacher produced screencasts have the power to personalize your classroom since students can actually see and hear their teacher via video.  Learn how to use any brand tablet or smartphone to essentially record your hands and voice while demonstrating concepts. These videos are perfect for students to watch before, during or after class. They're also perfect for parent education too! Specific examples and demonstrations will be provided from a “flipped” middle school teacher and adjunct professor who rarely delivers lectures standing in front of students, and instead circulates among them while they take ownership of their learning.

Here is my presentation outline:

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