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ISTE 2014 Workshop: Evernote Presentation by Rob Zdrojewski

Evernote App: Capture Anything and Remember Everything!

Recorded at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, GA on June 30, 2014

Can't see the video?  View on YouTube.

Description:  Evernote makes it easy to remember things from your everyday life on your phone, tablet or PC. Learn how to use Evernote in and out of the classroom to stay organized and reduce the reliance on paper documents and clutter. Whether you or your students are looking to bookmark websites, share notes, or just keep track of your last oil change you’ll be sure to find many uses for Evernote to fit into your life too!

We were booked at room capacity and I was amazed at the 100+ people outside the room waiting to fill in any open seats.  I guess I know what topic to propose again for ISTE 2015!