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The iPad Tripod Experiment

If you've ever researched ways to present from your iPad, you'll soon discover there are a ton of options to consider.  Apple TV or software?  Wired or wireless?  Projector or TV?

I wanted to share this innovative solution created by Kevin Lester, a Physical Education Teacher and family friend.  It solves a dilemma many of us have dealt with when presenting from iPads--especially in "non-traditional" settings like a gymnasium.

You'll see in the pictures he began with a professional grade tripod (basic cheap tripods might not be sturdy enough).  The LCD projector is mounted at the very top, and can be adjusted to level out the image.  The PC speakers are attached using pipe clamps, and the iPad is housed in a plexiglass box for support.  Power adaptors are secured at the bottom and plugged into a powerstrip for convenience.

I was so impressed with this solution that I'm sure would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased from a commercial vendor.  Awesome job Kevin!