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Technology Updates at Amherst Board of Education Meeting

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 the Amherst Central School District Board of Education received a wonderful presentation on the status of Educational Technology in the Amherst School District (see video embedded below or on YouTube).  As both a parent and teacher in Amherst, I was pleased to hear about the decisions being made to ensure our students are receiving technology experiences as part of their K-12 education.

Since the Open Meetings Law in NY State permits individuals to record Board of Education Meetings, I decided to experiment with a bit of "iPhoneography" using an iOS app called MoviePro that let's you customize video recording dimensions, quality, audio levels, etc.  To keep the camera steady, I used the new iPevo AT-ST Video Stand that does a great job holding your iOS handheld device steady at any angle.

Below is the video I recorded, along with my public comments to the Board:
(Can't see the video? Watch on YouTube)

At the conclusion of the meeting, members of the audience are invited to address the Board with comments.  I expressed my concerns of staffing levels, as I feel that we are understaffed in the area of Instructional Technology when compared to similar sized districts (locally and statewide).  You can listen to my recorded comments at the 46:53 mark.

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