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Flipped Learning: 3 Videos To Share With Administrators and Teachers

I was honored to be a selected presenter with the Flipped Learning Network, hosted by NYSCATE and SAANYS at Buffalo State College this past August.  The event was keynoted and led by Jon Bergmann at the 2nd annual New York State Flipped Learning Conference.

It's easy to get me talking for hours about the wonderful benefits of flipped learning.  I decided years ago to flip my instruction and would never turn back after seeing such positive gains with my students, especially when it comes to completion of projects and my ability to connect more individually with each of them.

So here's my top 3 videos I recommend to share with a fellow teacher or administrator who's curious as to what the benefits of flipped learning really are:

1.  How Flipped Learning Benefits At Risk Kids
(view embedded below or on YouTube)

2.  Cultivating Independent Thinkers Through Flipped Learning
(view embedded below or on YouTube)

3.  Flipped Learning Explained
(view embedded below or on YouTube)

For more research based evidence, see the publications by ASCD about Flipped Learning HERE.