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Digital Wave 2013 Conference Presentations by Rob Zdrojewski

On Tuesday, May 14 2013 I will be presenting two workshops at the annual NYSCATE Digital Wave 2013 spring conference at Erie 1 BOCES in West Seneca, NY.

iPad Video Production: Creating Digital Storytelling Projects
Join Rob Zdrojewski, Amherst Middle School Technology Teacher and Adjunct Professor at Canisius for demonstrations of iPad apps his students and fellow colleagues have used to create digital video projects. We will explore the advantages to various video production apps and explore optional accessories such as external mics and tripods.
View my presentation outline HERE

Screencasting: Flipping Your Classroom!
Screencasting is one of the key ingredients to flipped classrooms. Learn how to create instructional screencast videos using a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac and iPad.  Evolve your primary delivery mode of teaching from direct instruction to screencasting so students have anytime, anywhere access to your classroom instruction.  When combined with an online learning platform like Edmodo, you now have a 24/7 learning environment!
View my presentation outline HERE

Join us if you are attending!