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Digital Day at Canisius College

On March 1st 2013 Canisius College will hold it's 8th annual Digital Day Event.  This free event is open to K-12 educators and focuses on educational technologies and emerging media that enhance the education experience for our students.

I'm pleased to present a session on iPad Video Production at 2:30pm.  Details below:

iPad Video Production
Canisius Adjunct Professor and Technology Teacher Rob Zdrojewski of Amherst Middle School, NY will demonstrate iOS apps his students and fellow colleagues have used to create digital video projects.  We will explore the advantages to each app and explore optional accessories such as external mics and tripods.  Apps such as iMovie, Videolicious, Coach’s Eye, ASK3 and more will be showcased.  Student and teacher samples will be provided and we will create sample projects with each app to show the workflow involved.

View my presentation outline as a google doc HERE.

Join us for an exciting look at how iPads enable video production capabilities anytime and anyplace, for any curricular area!