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Workshop: Using Socrative In Your Classroom by Rob Zdrojewski

Presented by Rob Zdrojewski at the Summer Leadership Institute for Catholic School Leaders at Canisius College on June 27 2012.
Workshop Description:
Using to Engage Your Students
Student response systems (a.k.a. “clickers”) are increasingly becoming a popular technology tool to engage students in classroom activities.  However their high cost and steep learning curve prevent many classrooms from utilizing this exciting technology.  Learn how aims to change all of this.  Socrative is a free web-based student response system that runs on ANY device with a web browser.  See how you can use tablets, iPod Touches, smartphones, or laptops as “clickers” instead of investing in the more traditional “one-purpose only” hardware clickers on the market.  Please BYOD (bring your own device) and join us for some fun demonstrations of
Watch the embedded video below or view on YouTube.