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How Teacher Rob Zdrojewski Used Screencasting During Jury Duty Service

In May 2012 I was summoned to serve my civic duty on the Grand Jury of Erie County for a whole month!  Being out of the classroom for that length of time sure can mess up lesson plans for any teacher.  Fortunately I was able to rely quite heavily on "Screencasting" technology, whereby I pre-record my lessons and students watch prior to beginning their project work.  This sometimes is also referred to as the "flipped classroom" model of instruction.

The software I use for making my screencasts is called Jing, Snagit, and Camtasia Studio which are all made by Techsmith, and when they heard of this innovative use of their product they decided to feature us by creating a video case study.  I spent one afternoon with a videographer from Techsmith who came all the way from Michigan to capture our story.  Watch the embedded video below or view on YouTube or SchoolTube.