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Mobile Learning: Using Student Cell Phones In Class

Today we began a new unit I've developed involving student cellphone texting to conduct google searches.  In the information-rich 21st century, I think we need to be teaching students how to use the tools of their generation, rather than ignoring or worse banning them from a classroom intended for learning.
The video below is a summary of the activity:

If you are an educator and interested in learning more about cell phones in the classroom, I suggest the new book Cell Phones in the Classroom by author Liz Kolb.  I read her first book called Toys To Tools and enjoyed learning how innovative educators are finding appropriate and responsible ways to use these powerful tools with kids in and out of the classroom.
If you are a school administrator, you might be interested in the position paper released by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) that now encourages administrators to model and develop policy to permit mobile devices in school.  Their complete position paper can be found HERE.
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