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FETC 2022 Conference Presentation

Join me at the FETC 2022 Conference in Orlando, Florida for my ClassLink workshop, see details below!

No More Waiting for Account Creations:  Digital on Day One with ClassLink

Date:  Thursday, January 27, 2022   1:30pm - 3:30pm
Location:  South 330D, Orange County Convention Center

Description:  We believe it is critical to be “Digital on Day One" - year over year.  Our most crucial platform is ClassLink.  ClassLink is our single sign-on application.  With one login, students, teachers, and staff have one-click access to their web applications.  We put links to our digital textbooks, online assessments, and other instructional web applications into our ClassLink Launchpad.  We can assign apps to specific users, grade levels, or groups.  Students, teachers, and staff may also add links to their web apps.  We also use ClassLink and OneRoster to roster our textbooks and applications.  Access to the material is digital day one, and so is account creation.  Our teachers and students are not wasting time finding URLs to web apps, nor are they struggling to remember their logins and passwords to different sites.  They have one login with one-click access to content.  
    So beyond a single point of access, and our rostering abilities, ClassLink has a great Analytics portal.  We make decisions based on usage data and other key data points.  ClassLink has been a game-changer and saved us during the pandemic.  Teachers no longer waste valuable time manually maintaining class rosters for these applications.  Join us as we explore all that ClassLink has to offer!