Monday, June 3, 2019

EduTech Conference on August 8th 2019

Join us August 8th 2019 for the "Getting Digitally Ready" Educational Technology Conference hosted by EduTech

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Below are the 3 sessions that Rob Zdrojewski will be presenting at this conference:

The Art of Screencasting: Keys to Flipped Learning

Learn how to create a “digital YOU” using Chromebooks, Windows or Mac! We will explore how educators have "flipped" direct instruction into screencasting so students now have anytime, anywhere access to teacher-produced screencasts. When combined with an online learning platform like Schoology, teachers can create a 24/7 personalized learning environment! We will also explore the latest offerings for becoming Level 1 Flipped Learning Certified by FL Global, as well as hear the challenges that were overcome to ensure all students can view screencasts even without wifi. Join us!

Life After SmartBoards- Why Interactive Flat Panels are the Next Big Thing!

Learn how the Oakfield-Alabama School District used NY State Smart School Funds to replace their aging fleet of SmartBoards and Windows desktops with ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panel displays and Chromeboxes in every classroom. More than just a “giant iPad”, these panels offer many advantages in cost, display quality and durability. As we push the capabilities of Chromebooks and look to the future of cloud-based computing, the demand to create, store and present our content from anyplace, anytime continues to grow. In this workshop we will explore the evolving benefits of “online presentation tools” that allow teachers and students to create and present their information, without being limited to proprietary Windows software such as Smart Notebook. We will explore many options that are available. And since they’re all web-based, you are no longer restricted to using a legacy Windows platform. Join us as we embrace the freedom that anytime, anyplace web-based tools can give us!

Chromebook Considerations When Going 1:1

Considering going 1:1 with Chromebooks? Already there? Let's discuss the various tools now used at Oakfield-Alabama CSD to manage our fleet of Touchscreen Chromebooks deployed to all students in grade 1-12. Topics covered: distribution and collection, loaners, repairs, insurance, and game-changing tools such as Chrome Gopher, GoBox, GoGuardian and more!

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